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Scoring Service

We are proud to offer the LOWEST SLEEP SCORING PRICE IN THE USA, Canada and Europe

We-Score Sleep
A Sleep Scoring Service

For Sleep Centers, Labs and Facilities who are backlog in scoring records. We-Score Sleep offers a unique scoring service. If you are short-staffed or facing an increase in sleep studies needing to be scored. We can help!

With a team headed by registered sleep technicians, We-Score Sleep has the personnel and experience to help alleviate your scoring backlog.

Also, With the new Medicare ruling of allowing Home sleep studies - the looming economy - a sleep center and company must find ways to save money- One way to do that is to outsource their scoring.

Services Provided:

We score remotely and through FTP, providing quick turnaround time, and quality work
Call us anytime 24-48 hour service
We help you reduce and control operating cost
Reduce training cost
The average 2 bed Sleep Lab will save $35,810/per year using our service. The more beds you have the more savings you will see.
All Studies Scored and Reviewed by RPSGT professionals

By eliminating your scoring worry you are able to concentrate on your core business “treating patients”.

Below is a list of systems we currently are working with. If your system is not listed, please call us we have a pool of RPSGT's who can score from many systems.

2. Sensormedics
3. Rembrandt
4. Alice
5. Sandman
6. Grass

Our prices are the Lowest in the USA, Canada and Europe and below average for RPSGT scorers.

- 24 hour service: $50.00 per record
- 48 hour service: $45.00 per record (for systems not listed below)
   (Systems Below a 48 hour turn-around-time)

- Alice Systems - $35.00 per record
- Grass System - $40.00 per record
- Rembrandt System - $40.00 per record
- Somnostar System - $40.00 per record

Our goal is to assist you in strengthening your internal operations, enhancing workforce operation, providing a quality service of scoring for less, and making ourselves indispensable to you as you are to us. Professionalism is paramount and deadlines are always met.

You can contact us at (1-888-612-5302)

Thank you for considering our Scoring Service